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Child Speech and Language


Is my child performing like other children his/her age?


The answer to this question is in the results of a speech and language evaluation. 


Other people in our family are late talkers.  Should we wait to start therapy?


Waiting another year probably won't create a health risk, but it may increase your child's level of frustration.  It is difficult for children to undrstand why people don't understand them.  Waiting to begin therapy prolongs helping your child be understood by persons close to him, his family and friends.  It's difficult for a person of any age to consistently hear "what did you say?"  Children may cope with this question by refusing to talk.


Is my child too young for therapy?


Your child is not too young for therapy if there are developmental concerns or feeding issues.  Early intervention is effective in minimizing long-term speech and language difficulties.


My child understands everything said.  Why isn't he/she talking?


There are many reasons why children fail to talk within expected timerframes.  Those reasons range from a simple late talker explanation to any number of more complex issues underlying delayed development.  Children understand language long before they express that understanding.  A speech and language evaluation will help reveal the reason behing your child's delayed expressive speech.  An evaluation battery will determine the age level of language comprehension as well as how well he/she can express that to others.


Will my child grow out of his/her speech problem?


Children grow out of tennis shos and tricycles, but not prolonged speech problems.  If your child's speech and language falls short of his/her peer group, you should get an evaluation. 


Are my child's behavioral issues related to his/her speech problem?


A lack of communication skills may be a very frustrating experience for children.  These frustrations may lead to behavioral difficulties.  Behavior problems, however, may also stem from psychological, emotional, neurological and environmental stress factors and should be addressed by a behavioral specialist.



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