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What causes stuttering?


Our best cumulative knowledge based on current research states that the tendency to stutter is probably present at birth and manifests itself when the child begins to speak in longer sentences.  Persons can also acquire stuttering as the result of a stroke or other neurological event.  While stuttering is not learned, fluency can be learned with therapy.


I've stuttered all my life.  Is it possible for me to have fluent speech?


There are specific therapy techniques that will improve fluency in most stutterres regardless of age.  A special device called the SpeechEasy* gives lifelong stutteres a positive option for imprive fluency.


Is my child stuttering because of stress in our home?


Stress can aggravate stuttering but dos not cause it.  The incidence of stuttering is universally about 1% of the population.  Many children experience homes divided by stress such as divorce, death or choronic illness.  If stuttering were caused by home stressors, the incidence would be much higher that 1%.


Why does he stuttter more at home than at school?


There may be many answers to your question.  It may simply be related to the amount of time your child speaks at school; which is less time than at home.  He or she may work hard to speak fluently at school, and just doesn't have the energy to work so hard when he gets home from school.  Your child may try to please you by attempting to speak more fluently at home.  This pressure may actually increase his disfluency.  The answer may also be none of the above.  The best answer may come your child.  Ask.

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