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The Voice Care Center of Houston


Voice Care Center of Houston is located at Speech Pathways PLUS.  VCCH professionals help clients prevent, reduce or eliminate voice problems through simple and effective intervention techniques.  Clients get excellent care from therapists boasting over 50 years of clinical experience improving vocal health in professional voice users, children and adults.  Frequently see disorders include:


  • Reflux laryngitis

  • Spasmodic dysphonia

  • Other neurological disorders


In addition to diagnostic and therapeutic vocal management, the Voice Care Center of Houston offers:

  • A singing voice specialist with over 15 years of experience with injured voices.

  • Pre and postsurgical voice management

  • Computer voice analysis

  • Vocal image enhancement

  • Workshops and seminars about vocal health and voice use.


Precise Speech is an integrated speech movement program to maximize speech potential in stroke and head injury patients.  This program is suitable for patients experiencing any degree of functional movement problem associated with respitory speech support, voicing onset and offset control, palatal control, lingual accuracy and labial precision.


Precise Speech uses creative protocols including:


  • Breathing bag respiratory techniques

  • Power Lung

  • Vocal aerobic activities

  • Palatal stimulation

  • Metronome-guided exercises of up to 1500 vowel and consonant practice combinations.

  • Respiration, phonation and articulation coordination exercises.

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